Ignore the rumors. JUST KEEP FLOSSING!

In lieu of the recent “announcement” that there is not enough research to back up the positive effects of flossing, we thought we would add our own two cents. Here is a short list of reasons not to give up on your flossing habits:

  1. A lot of tooth decay and cavities come from the food wedged between each tooth. Brushing your teeth alone will not wash all of those food particles away, but FLOSSING WILL!
  2. Flossing removes plaque and prevents gingivitis. Gingivitis makes your breath smell bad, weakens teeth, is linked to heart disease, makes your smile look older… you get the idea. It’s bad.
  3. Flossing removes stains and leaves your teeth whiter!
  4. Your mouth literally feels fresher after a good floss and brush combo. Is that not reason enough?
  5. Last but not least, FLOSSING SAVES YOU MONEY. Getting cavities filled, treating gum disease, fixing tooth decay, and getting whitening treatments are not cheap hobbies to have!

Skip the pain of unnecessary, expensive procedures and treat yourself to a nice, healthy, and fresh mouth by flossing daily. We promise it is worth it!  Schedule your appointment with Page Family Dental and learn more!